November 26, 2015

Expert Views: WHY Social Media is important

Today, without a doubt social media has become gigantically enormous medium of marketing and promotional tool for companies. It is essential for almost every brand to have its presence on social media platform, it helps them to stay connected with their audience and provide them an opportunity to get insight of consumer preferences. The rise of social media has taken the online marketing onto a whole new level, and it provides an exceptional boost to the companies.
We asked some of the experts about the importance of social media, let’s see what they think about it.

Dan PetrovicDan Petrovic

Twitter: @dejanseo

There are obvious benefits of social media engagement which include branding, customer engagement and loyalty. What is interesting though is that search engines now listen to social signals too, not just to discover new content but also apply these signals to their rankings algorithm.
Social signals are not the same thing as links, nor will they ever replace them as many speculate. Instead we’re looking at yet another layer in a complex and ever-growing list of layers in Google’s search algorithm. Google is also serious about social and that speaks a lot. Those guys wouldn’t be wasting their money and time on something trivial.

I made this Venn diagram to illustrate how social integrates with other parts within Google to create one powerful search engine:

Graph Diagram


Rhea DrysdaleRhea Drysdale

Twitter: @Rhea

Social media is important because it brings people and ideas together. It connects us through a common bond whether the community is strictly for business, more general, or niche-specific. Social media drives discovery, sharing, change, activism, and so much more. As marketers, it’s important that we recognize social media is where people share their lives. That’s a precious thing that demands an intelligent, strategic plan. As much care as businesses take with advertising, media buys, and branding, they should invest the same level of respect and care into their social presence and community. Sometimes identifying the community and where you can have a voice is the toughest challenge, but there are few things more powerful to businesses than a successful social media plan.


Charlotte WallerCharlotte Waller

Twitter: @SEOGemini

Social media has so many useful functions and benefits to facilitate business that it’s now a vital part of it; uptake and continued use from all the major players and corporations across all industries worldwide should both prove and reinforce this – I see it as an obvious tool of choice.

So…let me see, benefits, benefits…well, going back to my roots and purely from an SEO perspective, social media I believe helps maintain and improve search engine rankings; I’m not sure how formally this has been verified but from personal experience as well as industry here-say, this is certainly proving to be true and clients of mine that use social media do tend to perform well on Google as well.

That’s not the best or most useful part about social media by any means though, it’s potential when it comes to branding, customer service and building/maintaining a companies reputation is immense. Responding to people in real time, being accessible, problem solving and the creation and maintenance of a loyal customer base are just some of the objectives that can be achieved with it. Pretty much everyone is online now…a business that isn’t is almost unheard of and certainly likely to be missing out on some potential opportunities.

One danger with social media I believe is trying to spread yourself too thin as I have done previously – we’ve all got those abandoned accounts that have quickly diminished back into the hypothetical black hole of cyber space after a brief foray into the internet mainstream. I believe it’s better to be effective on all of the main platforms that you can manage and realistically commit to rather than trying to be partially present on all of them. I think it’s also important to understand that it’s the people in your network that have the control and influence. If you want them to share your content and promote your message…don’t tick them off! Finally, avoid using it to sell – targeting selling on social platforms seems to fall flat every time and there’s nothing that people hate more than endless tweets of the same nature simply looking to sell a product…although Jedward could come close.

Something to invest in? Definitely.”


Moosa HemaniMoosa Hemani

Twitter: @mmhemani

Social Medias is important because of many reasons but mainly because it’s highly tangible and you can easily get the exact data of whatever you are doing on social media unlike print, TV or billboard where things are more based on assumptions.

Also, people are switching their activities and spending more of their time on social media so it’s highly important for business who wants to market their product/service known to people and increase their revenue through online mediums.

Social Media is the most favourable platform where you can easily create a meaning full interaction with your targeted audience and build a long term relationship that ties the fans with your brand.

With the integration of social with search, social media become a mandatory part of the overall online marketing strategy and today one cannot create a winning situation by excluding social from search.


James NorquayJames Norquay

Twitter: @connections8

Social Media is important because you have very active communities such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and Google+ where you can connect directly with your customer base. Connecting with the customer base and keeping the customer base coming back for more is a key to running an effective campaign on social media. This can be done by promotions, content marketing and also responding to your customer’s needs and requirements on social media in a timely fashion. These are only a few factors to show how important social media is.


Ann SmartyAnn Smarty

Twitter: @seosmarty

Social media is the present and the future of the web. The Internet was once born to connect people from all over the world; thus the social media is the whole essence of the web. There’s no way you can ignore it. Social media makes everything possible: you can find customers and followers with 0 budget: simply by being hard-working and awesome. Social media gives competitive advantage to small and flexible businesses. All you need is consistent presence and proper objectives.


Jason AcidreJason Acidre
Twitter: @jasonacidre

It’s very vital these days, as it can somehow help strengthen how people see the value of a brand based on how they react, share and interact. Social media is also a great channel that businesses can use to prove (social proof) how effective their services/products are. Plus, search engines use these signals to assess the authoritativeness, authenticity and value of a brand over the web, which can further improve how their site is ranking on search results.

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