October 5, 2015

SEO Impact on Business in 2013

Panda and Penguin updates by Google struck like a storm to bogus content this year. These updates reactivated webmasters race to gain more traffic. Before engaging yourself in the competition, you should first limelight few key factors that are going to manipulate SEO in 2013.

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Effects of Panda and Penguin Updates
These two updates were the SANDY for SEO industry. They caused a massive destruction to online worthless content, penalizing the cribbed and irrelevant content. Google eradicated spam blogs having overwhelming stuffed keywords with the help of quality metrics and Analytics. What Google seeks is the uniqueness of content be it a video, image or text. These things are mandatory since these updates or you will be the on the hit list of Google.

New criteria for ranking
There is a code snippet launched by Google+ called rel=”author” with Google will be able to link all of your work together. Google Author Rank will empower authors to own their content, during a search, author name will appear along with the search results and people then can navigate to your Google+ profile. This gives authors a benefit of acknowledgement bypublic for their work.In addition, this will be a manipulating factor for the rank of your page as with the rank of the author.
It’s been forecasted that Author Rank may replace Page Rank in terms of search engine results, better the Author Rank more are the chances to top search results.Therefore, it is right time to take authorship of all your work and rank yourself quickly.

Degradation of Guest Posting
Google does not favor guest postings after the penguin and panda updates because these updates have caused deviation in criteria of search engine results for guest blogging.Guest postings are a way of back linking your blog with other blog in which you publish your content. Many have been using this technique for spamming and manipulating search engine results. Quality and content may not cause any damage to you but it is an alarming situation for those with bogus entries and irrelevantly stuffed keywords in their posts.

Social Media will affect SERP
The booming social media has its unquestionable significance in driving traffic for businesses. Search engine result may now base on social media sharing and likes. For this the key player will be Google’s own Google+, search engine may determine whether the content was relevant for users or not on the basis of no of +1’s to that post.

Personalization of search results
Google identifies your location based on your IP and tailor results according to your own personalized settings. Meta for the page should be for the niche you are targeting because you willen counter different results because of location you choose in search engine settings.
All these forecasts are based on behavioral changes of search engine. However, they are difficult to mockup because it keeps changing all the time. What you can do is to follow guidelines of Google so that your company retains position in search engine page ranking.

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