November 28, 2015

Meet your Expert Moosa Hemani

Today we will talk with my friend who is a Inbound Marketer, Social Media Expert and kick Ass Link Building Strategist “Moosa Hemani” he is a well known in different SEO Communities and running a SEO and Marketing blog SEtalks.

SEO Expert

Hello Moosa, welcome to our blog and thank you for giving us your precious time. I would like to ask you some question for Beginners in the world of SEO.

Hello Noman! Thank you very much for considering me for this opportunity. I will try my best tp provide as much authenticate and valid information as possible.

1. We would like you to introduce yourself, and explain what you do to the new upcoming SEO and Social Media Professionals?

Moosa Hemani: My Name is Moosa Hemani and I am an organic search strategist as my day job. I am also an active blogger at and also share my views as a guest writer and contributor on many known forums and blogs like SEOmoz, SEJ, Daily SEO Tip, Kiser the SAGE and more. You can find list of my contributions on my page.

I do have a day Job but most of the times I spent hours sitting at the front of the computer looking in to different sides of SEO and testing and experimenting things. My home PC is a SEO laboratory to me that contain some epic fails as well as some small successes that I have in my pocket.


2. WHY have you chosen this field?

Moosa Hemani: Unfortunately I am not one of those who get in to this field with the eyes wide open. It was an accident I get in to this field when my cousin sister wants me to work for her (some copy paste article submission stuff) then it becomes a challenge to me because unlike most of the people I wasn’t ready to believe that a client is willing to pay good amount of money for just copy and paste that can easily be done by some software.

Then slowly and gradually when I really did some research and find some interesting blogs like SEJ and people like Ann Smarty, the things started to change and SEO become my passion and even after so many years every Monday it seems like there is a whole lot of things that I don’t know and I start installing new information through the installation process called reading and experiment.


3. How do you manage your personal and professional workload?

Moosa Hemani: I have to face it that I am not really a good time manager when it comes to managing personal as well as professional life but if priorities in life are set then things go a little easy on you. Usually I am always loaded with work so i try and stay up late at night and work on weekends.

Yes, this obviously affects my personal life and I hardly able to spent time with my friends (outside the industry) and family but one thing that is built-in in me that when I am there I don’t think about something else and this allows me to give dedicated time to them!


4. Which one is best for you, SEO and Social Media?Or do you think both are same and essential to learn for inbound Marketers?

Moosa Hemani:  In the world of today, it’s pretty much difficult or i must say impossible to run a successful SEO campaign without the injection of SEO or a social campaign without the push of content. In my experience all things are complexly mixed up that it’s really difficult to separate each one of them.

If you ask about the best part I perform or the shit I like about my work is link building but obviously creating amazing content, having a flawless design and coding fixes, and on page issues are also the part of the game.


5. Which personality inspired you the most in SEO industry and which blog you follow the most?

Moosa Hemani: Now calling out one name out of the list of amazing people in know will be a tough call so I will try and take few names that really helped me on a personal level and pointed out my mistakes instead of thumbing up and said ‘Good Work!’

Tad Chef: Tad is always my 1st recommendation when someone asks me to come up with the name of the professional who really got the insight about search mechanism. He really guided me in the early days of my career (he still helps a lot) and pointed out my mistakes instead of praising the crap I wrote in the early days.

To me Tad is the real influencer when you talk about SEO, Google and search engine.

Ann Smarty: The lady who considered to be the queen of Guest Blogging, who was at that time the editor at Search Engine Journal and daily SEO Tip. She actually pushed me to come up with the piece of content that is unique and relevant to the blog’s nature. Some tips by her make me interested in to guest blogging and after some small fails I got my first article approved in DST.

I really respect and recommend her to others because of her extra ordinary polite nature and the way she is helping the community and web with the continuous supply of quality content. I took her interview that you can find here, in order to know more about her!

Gianluca Fiorelli: He is amazing, interesting, knowledgeable, helpful and kind person I know in the SEO community. He again helped and guided me much with outreaching and communication with influencers. If you got some time and what to know the talent this awesome guy posses then read his views against my questions on SEOmoz.

Don Rhoades: I usually call SIR to the people I admire the most in the SEO community and he is one of those SIRs. Very much non-commercial so many might not know him but once you start interacting with him you will get inspired with the calibre of talent and skill he have in the SEO business.

Rishadullah Shaikh: He caught me from SEOmoz community, we talked over the phone and since then we usually have our SEO sits in the best coffee shop in town over the weekends. We build the initial Mozcation idea together (Although we lost) and have many plans under process.

Locally, if you want to talk to a brain that got honest and sensible opinion about SEO and social, this is the Guy!

Although I have many other names coming in but I hope 5 is the safe number for me as well as for the readers J


6. Most of the new SEO Professionals think about the scope of this field.Please guide them what exactly will they achieve and if the field is suitable for them?

Moosa Hemani: Not only in SEO but I guess in every field, scope is how much wide or narrow your opinion is about the industry and opinion builds and changes when you start getting knowledge about different aspects of the industry.

Although the ‘SEO is dead’ mantra is still alive but every year I see the growth of this industry is increasing. Honestly I see a bright career in SEO if a person has the passion to take business to the next level.

A professional should have to have a different mindset about looking in to things and have the ability to stay on its toes as the industry is in a continuous change so there will be no day when you will be able to say that you know everything about this game.


7. Please share some of your past and present SEO experiences, Ups and Downs and share little secrets of the trade?

Moosa Hemani:  If you have no fail in your pocket, then you are not successful yet!  My Blog SETalks is a product I have in my hand today after the years of planning (literally years of planning). I want that blog to be a quality one unlike tons of blog I see and ignore.

Today, I cannot say it’s awesome blog that offer really top end information all the time but it is way better then hundreds of blog that contain words and not information, content that nobody wants to read.

Blog creation is a no big deal but what takes me years to come up with a blog is the quality that I was building in myself that now you see on blog in a written format.

As far as the ups and downs are concern, it is the part of the game! You will not get an ideal place to work, ideal tasks to complete within the ideal deadlines. You will not find ideal bosses around you, in short hurdles will be there and the one who will cross the hurdles and stay in the game is a real crafted guy that worlds want.


8. How do you differentiate benefits between in-house SEO Company, SEO consultancy Firm and SEO remote work?

Moosa Hemani: This question is important as well as one of the best question I have ever encountered. Actually the reason why I like this question is because I have experience at every side you are talking about. There are pros and cons on every side so it’s always depends what environment works best for you.

Agency level SEO:


  1. You get the ideal environment to work with and a chance to acquire other related skills like design and development as you will find related professionals around you.
  2. The work load can make you busy the whole day, and even after the working hours. This might be a corn for many but as I love my job I love this part too.
  3. You get a chance to taste different business and nature of the niche which allows you to get perfectly skilled in verity of areas.


  1. Usually clients at agencies are tight with budget so you have to think under the budget or your awesome idea will be a waste.
  2. Tight and un-natural deadlines does not allow you to concentrate at new stuff and testing different experiments which in a way make you stuck at one place.
  3. Usually in the agencies there is a lobby system which sometimes kill your motivation level that later affect your overall personality as a professional.

In-House SEO:


  1. The work load may be less as you have to focus on one or fewer websites normally focus on one product or service.
  2. Normally In-House SEOs are good with budget so they can try and implement new stuff and tactics that directly or indirectly help the business grow.
  3. In-House SEOs usually have one of few products or services to work and this helps them work on the branding side to make their product a brand.


  1. You are going to work on 1 or few related websites and mostly the niche of each website will be same, this limits the technical scope and do not allow to taste verity.
  2. The environment around you will be mostly non technical to your nature of work so you might miss the chances of learning from the people around you.
  3. Usually with In-House there is a system of several approvals (especially if the company is BIG) before actually implementing the idea on the ground state.

Remote SEO:


  1. You got your place and your way of working so there is a greater chance of productivity as compare to working on-site
  2. With remote SEO you got your hours to work so you can always manage your professional and personal life.
  3. Remote SEO helps you stay away from the office lobby system so this way you can focus more on projects, tasks and goals instead of office people around.


  1. If you are not a good time manager remote working is not really your game.
  2. No office environment can affect your interpersonal skills and you might not be able to interact well on professional (maybe personal) level.
  3. Remote SEO can end up screwed of the goals are not already set.


9. For Beginners what do you think how much time will it take to grab all the essential things and work as a SEO professional and manage projects all by themselves?

Moosa Hemani: I don’t really agree with the question to be honest with you. I believe on the quality of work and this matter the most to me. I think SEO at any stage cannot be handled as stand alone. There is content involved with technical stuff, link building, social and more and I believe that every area need an expert to handle it properly so that business can grow with the time.


10. In last,provide some expert opinion &tips to our upcoming SEO Professional what will they do in this field and how they can succeed?

Moosa Hemani: The expert tip is to stay open to new ideas and adopt the changes with the time. SEO is in the state of continuous change and if one can stay up-to-date with all the new information and adopt changes as needed then SEO industry have a bright career for him.


We hope this discussion with Moosa provides you some help. Share your feedback in comment area and if you have any questions feel free to ask from SEO Expert @mmhemani.


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