November 24, 2015

Revolutionary Marketing Techniques

In the 1400s printing press revolutionized the print media industry similarly today we have compiled list of techniques that have revolutionized online marketing techniques. This will help you understand how your market spectrum emerged into this current situation where online marketing is a very effective tool for branding of your products.

Conventional marketing had a strategy defined for a complete year or certain period of time and marketers stick to the plan for that certain period of time. But the market is changing rapidly or you can say it’s agile, so with agile marketing strategy you have the flexibility to move as the market turns out.
A strong element available in your tool kit is blog. What actually blog does is it legitimizes your expertise in your domain. When you write series of articles about your domain and provide digital readers a deeper knowledge of your domain this certainly proves your expertise. Readers can comment on these articles and healthy comments about you are healthy for building your brand. Blogs are generally updated on regular basis which also keep reader intact and helps to earn their acknowledgement for your up to date knowledge.

In the U.S only more than 40% of the companies use blogging for marketing their products. The key factor is anyone can do it but a few serious marketers are actually doing it.“This platform, if done properly, can generate tremendous traffic, leads and sales for your business that you otherwise would not have had,” wrote Marcus Sheridan.
Public Journalism
Access of routine information has been reshaped totally by multiple mediums. Today people gather daily information from several mediums. According to a research by Pew Research Centre 46% people in America daily gather information from 4 to 6 mediums in a day and only 6% of the total rely on single favorite source. Along with other mediums social media and social networking sites have emerged as a new and powerful source of information. Also distribution of information through recommendations is much easier and viral with social media.

Marketers today can’t neglect audience involvement in their plan and should also be very careful about information distribution regarding the source of information and its evidences. Because today anything fake going around could be very easily exposed.
Copy Right
This protects your work from being reused without your permission. Copy right basically gives individuals right of enjoying credit for their creativity and also protects your rights of remixing and reproduction by others. For marketers it’s like a firewall which protects their online content over World Wide Web search engines like Google penalize those websites which use copied content. So blogger should be very careful while making content.
To make your boring content more interactive and engaging more clients to your product gamification is a great technique. By this you involve more and more people into an activity that is not actually a game it’s like a competition tailored inform of a game. This helps to receive more recommendations and sharing over social networks.
Inbound Marketing
Feeding your customer with the right information is the key to inbound marketing. Rather than spamming them with undesirable content you have to serve them with the information they need at a time when they are looking for it. Just educate the customer not over burden them with unwanted information. It will bring you most outstanding traffic with just a very less expense on market as compared to your Leeds.
Social Networks
A communication specialist Jose Antonio Sanchezsaid “Social marketing changed marketing forever”. It’s a fact we can’t deny without social media your marketing is like a man without oxygen, frankly. Social Networks have changed marketing exactly in way the printing press changed print media. Social networks are somehow taking charge of all activities required for marketing.
Socio Proofing
Well it’s a phenomenon of human psychology that if a person you trust is buying a product and recommends you for it, you are also giving it a try. You tried this product and then recommended it to your contacts. Such validations or socio proofings’ nurture traffic for your product that is beyond your imagination.
Viral Marketing
Marketing through word of mouth by your company marketing personals is conventional viral marketing. These marketers educate people about your product and services. But this conventional method is took over by Social Networking and Social Media platforms now all you have to do is to produce content, images and videos once and share them on your fan page and it will ultimately go viral if it’s interesting.
If you are and online marketer then you must be familiar with many of them and if you not then you’ll surely find it interesting.

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