December 1, 2015

Meet Your Expert James Norquay

James Norquay

Hello guys, hope you are doing well in SEO world. Today, I am going to chat with Australian Inbound Marketer “James Norquay”. He is a well know SEO geek in Australia and he has been working in the online industry for over 7 years, He has started several website and also small companies. He now works as a Enterprise level SEO projects and Social Media Advisor for blue chip clients in the Australian and Asian Pacific markets.



Let’s have a chat,


Have you planned to work in this industry or by Fortune you start the work in SEO world? And Why?

James Norquay Back in 2004 I was building websites and not really knowing how to drive traffic to them I was talking to a member on a car forum who told me to check out Digital Point forums and from then on I was involved with SEO. Social and growth of web properties. From their I went to work on my own projects, small companies then very large agencies, you can read my full history here in a blog post I did:


In percentage can you tell us, how much on page need works and how much off page? And also some expert tips for on page optimization and off page optimization?

James Norquay It is hard to answer because you may be working with a site that can start from a different base: You can work with an enterprise level site which has no on site done and some changes can have a very healthy impact. You can work with a small business website where it might be 50/50 on site and off site. You can work on a website where the onsite is near perfect and they only require off site attention and regular on site checks/ assistance.

Expert tips: Use your paid search data to supplement your keyword research; I really advise on researching keywords I did a good post on the area here:

I would also advise on doing full technical audits on websites, the wealth of information you can find is really amazing. You would be surprised how a full site audit can bring so many quick fixes up from an enterprise level site. I would also advise every one install Google Webmaster tools and monitor all data from it closely.


Which celebrity inspired you the most in SEO industry and why you are following him or her?

James Norquay I don’t really like using the word celebrity for anyone in the industry, I mean in the end of the day we are just SEO’s and internet marketers we are not saving lives. To me celebrities are doctors and people who save lives on a daily basis.
In regards to who I “like” in the SEO industry, people like Will Reynolds from SEER.


What do you think what basic and major mistakes are doing by SEO beginners? Can you point out them and tell them a right solution?

James Norquay Not been informed correctly of correct SEO processes, taking businesses money and then not doing any work, I see many young SEO’s just offering local SEO services only and no other on site or off site work or even education for the business it is very annoying how these styles of businesses can claim to be market leaders.


In your past Experience which project you loved the most and WHY?

James Norquay I have worked with a few of Richard Branson’s Virgin brands on SEO projects in the past. From my experience this is a brand who really loves to do things different they are not afraid to try some great link bait tactics. I feel other times when I have worked on projects where you have a close connection with a social media team, it can really promote a highly positive impact on the site.


Everywhere you heard social media, social media… What do you think how social media effect on our businesses and how could people will take advantage from this?

James Norquay Social is really important for all brands in the current market, if you do not invest in social then you are going to be at a loss. I see many businesses who neglect things such as Google+ pages and twitter and only want to rely on a Facebook, in my eyes this is only taking 1/3 of the possible pie for the market, if you miss the other sections you are really missing out on a great amount of SEO benefit.


Now the 2012 is almost going towards the end and 2013 ahead for SEO world. So, what we learned from this year and what we will have to plan for coming year?

James Norquay The ongoing effect of Google+ with search is a really great area I am pushing brands to investigate in 2012. To be very careful with your link building activity: it seems that in 2012 we have seem many updates from Google in regards to link building, if you are not pushing for quality link building it can potentially leave your site in a negative space. Plan for the coming year is to push quality content marketing methods into the market. Also to do more in house training and education for various businesses.

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